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Auto likes provide maximal number of likes through social media. Our site will provide you likes on each and every post daily without any difficulty autolikes is effective in producing likes. We are here to make you stronger socially our team postulate site is scam free and rapid.


Nowadays social media is gaining progress in a result a new feature "Reactions" were added. Couples of reactions are there in facebook, which can be personalize in auto reaction during attaining likes that’s what which makes autoliker exclusive.


Auto followers is awarding followers freely to their users, the numbers of followers are dependent on the basis of online users, probably we struggle our best to provide ultimate and evident followers to our site users, infect autofollowers helps users to shine more brightly in facebook world.


Auto comments present one of its rare feature while using social network, you will get pre-defined positive comments on your status, picture etc. the comments section are not customized which lead us to avoid negativity and spamming in comments section, that’s how we bring transformation through this tactics.

Page Likes

In the page segment, Page liker yield page likes to their enjoyer. The basic ambition of our team is to keep our users vital and shiny on social platform. The more likes on your page the more you will shine socially, most "liked" pages are the symbol of trust, through auto liker you can bring confidence and expectations to yourself or to your business.

Geo Likes

With Geo Likes Auto Likes Free will provide you country base likes. You will get likes from the country which you choose, which you can target while submitting for likes in the dashboard. You can choose in top 10 countries from around the world. From every country you can get likes as will followers for free. It will boost your business in your target country with maximum of target users.

Using Auto Likes Is Easy


Generate Token

Got Login Page page enter your facebook account login detail and submit. Copy All the text from the box and paste into the login box.


Choose What you want

After login the dashboard will be load. Select your desire feature.


Send Submission

Select limit and click on submit you will got instant fb followers, likes, reaction or comments.

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